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Know Your Status

Everyone has a role to play in the health of our community. That is why we work to promote responsibility with by launching a Know Your Status campaign, KYS. HIV remains at high rates among active gay men. We encourage you to disclosure you HIV status and to keep it current, for your own health benefit and others. Preventing infection is both parties’ responsibility; do not rely on your partner.

Early detection can make a difference in your treatment, the sooner you’re tested the better off you are and can make smart choices, for yourself and your partners--getting tested early can help you stay well.

HIV+ members of our community can lead healthy lives when detected early. If you’re active sexually, the most dangerous thing to assume is you or your partner is negative or to put off getting tested, this can mean you wait too long to get on treatment and HIV is often spread by people who think that they are negative but who are not on any medication when they are in fact positive. This is one place as a community we can all do better.

As a caring gesture, Hornet will remind you to get tested six months later, making Hornet fun but also trying to help you stay healthy.

Getting test is fast and rapid and there are free testing sites in your areas. Get familiar with one and get into a routine of getting tested every six months. While we should all work toward the goal of no new HIV infections, only you can take care of your own health.

Enter your zipcode at to find a testing site near you.